Tokyo is one of the largest, most highly dense cities on the planet. Michelin star restaurants, five-star hotels, international shopping boutiques – the sky’s the limit to what you can experience. Just remember to come hungry and with an empty suitcase – you’ll need the space.

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Best Vintage and Archival Shops in Tokyo
Ok so you've been up and down Cat Street, Harajuku, Aoyama and more and bought all the new collections. Done? Not even close – there's vintage and archive pieces you haven't even explored yet. Naturally, Japan – as the fashion capital of the Eastern hemisphere – vintage and archival collecting is an entirely separate world of style and couture. The stores listed here specialize in vintage and have a real passion for curation, so expect some true gems ranging from classic graphic and band tees, memorabilia, jeans, accessories and much more. Be warned however – just because they're decades old, doesn't mean they're cheap, so try not to be shocked by the price tags.
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Tokyo Coffee Series: Exploring Kiyosumi Shirakawa
For our continued coffee series, we explore one of the most coffee-centric areas of Tokyo you may not have heard of: Kiyosumi Shirakawa. Outside of central Tokyo is Kiyosumi Shirakawa, in the outlying city of Koto. While Kiyosumi is largely residential and industrial in atmosphere, a large group of coffee brands, shops and distilleries have made their homes in the more-traditional city outside of the touristy areas. The historical region consistently provides high-quality cafe offerings and is growing more and more each day with new additions, bestowing upon Kiyosumi Shirakawa the fitting nickname the unofficial "coffee town" of Tokyo.
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Tokyo Coffee Series: Our Quick Stop Coffee Stands
When time is of the essence, quality and service becomes everything. For our next guide on our Tokyo Coffee Tour, we decided to highlight some of the local coffee stands and quick stop locations. Since our team is constantly on the go, we rated them more so for their convenience, their quality, and their customer service above all else. Some have decor and vibe as well, while others are your literal hole-in-the-wall joints with outstanding coffee.
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Tokyo Coffee Series: Our Go-To Local Coffee Shops
When it comes to cultural staples, we feel coffee is a bit of a conundrum. While the recipe is fairly simple, coffee lovers will attest that the culture around timeless drink is as rich as the beans to which it's brewed from. For our first Hypemaps tour, we explore the vast industry of coffee in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Our local editorial team curated this highly selective list based on multiple factors – attention to detail, atmosphere of cafe, accessibility, chill factor and, naturally, the quality of the coffee. Out of all the locations we visited, these were the ones we'd return to and not hesitate recommending to both casual coffee drinkers and true snobs.
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Arvie Gimeno of A&P's Tokyo Food Tour
Hypemaps recently caught up with Albino & Preto director Arvie Gimeno. In recent years, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt has pushed Albino & Preto to new heights with its highly sought-after mat offerings and collaborations that have broken into streetwear. Arvie Gimeno's repositioning of the leading jiu-jitsu lifestyle label is based on his interests and experience with street culture. Even though he resides on the sunny side of Southern California in Long Beach, Tokyo holds a special place in Arvie Gimeno's hearts. A place intrinsically tied to the continuation of Albino & Preto’s ambition to craft, the city in Japan serves as a place of inspiration for Gimeno. In his guide, the director highlights his Tokyo food tour showing his favorite spots to take in the city's culinary offerings.
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Awich's Tokyo Weekend
Hypemaps recently caught up with Japanese local rap star Awich to find out where she likes to spend her time on the weekend in Tokyo. Despite her busy schedule split between events, performing, and recording in the studio, Awich enjoys unwinding by visiting a few of her favorite spots. Awich highlighted businesses owned by her fellow Okinawans, places where she enjoys music, gets inspired, and even takes part in some retail therapy. The artist notes that the locations featured are particularly nice for an exciting but can also be visited during weekdays for a calmer atmosphere.
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A Night Out in Nakameguro
Looking for a fun night out in Tokyo? Look no further than Nakameguro! Whether you're looking for a romantic evening or a wild night out with friends, Nakameguro is the place to be. Grab your friends and get ready for a night to remember with this list of top places to visit in Nakameguro.
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Top Bars in Tokyo
For those looking for a good drink in Tokyo, the city offers a diverse nightlife scene. For every mood and occasion, Tokyo has a bar that will satisfy with classic and contemporary drinks. Take a look at this list of the top bars in Tokyo.
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Must Try Curry in Tokyo
Considered a comfort food for Japanese people despite its origins being in South Asia, many people find themselves craving a bowl of curry when in Tokyo. The endless varieties offered in the city open up a world of spices, textures, and viscosity tied to the rich and flavorful dish. This list will tackle the place to visit for curry lovers in Tokyo.
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Best Second-hand Streetwear Shops in Tokyo
Any streetwear/Hypebeast fanatic will know that Tokyo is one of the best places for used fashion, sneakers, accessories and so much more. It's a veritable Disneyland of sorts for anyone looking, which is why it can definitely be overwhelming to say the least. Here are our pick of the best locations of the best used shops – some are the same company, but we've sifted through the largest and most varied locations out there.
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Top Arcades in Tokyo
Tokyo is known for its vibrant arcade scene, where gamers of all ages and skill levels can come together for both casual and competitive fun. Tokyo has something to offer every type of gamer and for those looking to score prizes from the extensive selection that is always changing. In this list, we'll be taking a look at some of the best arcades in Tokyo, each with its own unique atmosphere, games, and attractions.
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Fashion Shops You Must Visit in Tokyo
As a dizzying shopper's paradise, Tokyo is filled with high-end luxury boutiques to quirky independent shops. Select shops, offbeat vintage retailers, and department stores planning your shopping path is extremely important when traversing Tokyo. Take a look at this list of must-visit shops in Tokyo for a shopping experience like no other.
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Must Try Ramen Shops in Tokyo
Despite being renowned for its vibrant food scene, one dish in Tokyo stands out among the rest: ramen. The iconic Japanese noodle soup has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world, with Tokyo being the destination for some of the best ramen shops in the country. Ranging from rich and hearty tonkotsu broth to depth-driven shoyu and light and refreshing shio broth, Tokyo's ramen scene offers a diverse range of flavors and styles that are sure to satisfy any craving. In this list, we'll explore some of the best ramen shops in Tokyo that are a must-visit for any ramen lover.
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Best Pizza in Tokyo
Although Tokyo might not be the city you think of for pizza, it is actually home to an interestingly thriving pizza scene. Heavily leaning on the Neapolitan pizza style, here is a list of places to enjoy Japan's take on the iconic Italian delicacy.
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Best Hotels to Stay at in Tokyo
As a vibrant and bustling city, Tokyo attracts millions of visitors each year. For those visiting for business or pleasure, the right hotel is essential to having a great trip. From luxurious high-end hotels to budget-friendly options, here is a list of the best hotels to stay at in Tokyo.
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